Fire festivals: the ultimate connection to our Pictish past

Devorguila was a Pictish princess whose lineage went back to the ancient Derilei  line of  King Nechtan.  The Devorguila of history (13th century Scotland) was better known as the mother of John Balliol.  Her fame in her own time, however, was for the strength she brought to his claim to the kingdom.  By 1292 when Balliol granted lands as sovereign to Earl of Buchan John Comyn [‘terra theinagii de Fermartyn et de Dereleye’ – the thanages of Formartine and Dereley’] – lands of Formartine and Derley – he was granting part of his own mother’s dowry to a powerful ally.

Her fortress stronghold and his formative home was at Dunnydeer near Insch in Aberdeenshire.  There the Pictish values of family, gracious hospitality to strangers, a man’s word is his bond, are still strong.


It is from this clifftop crag that these Pictish stories are told: it is from her Pictish princess’s point of view that she speaks in Devorguilablog.

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  1. I used to work in schools as ‘Fergus the Pict’ a 9th century farmer who did story-telling, the showing of clothes and tools and adopting two of the children to help illustrate a story about the Pictish beast and some nasty Romans.
    The boy was ‘Talorcan’, the girl, ‘Devorguila’ or ‘Tal’ and ‘Dev’ to make things easier.
    Before that we made a DVD on one Ron Henderson who carves Pictish Images.
    It’s called ‘Foundations of Stone’ and it’s on youtube in two parts.
    The Picts don’t get enough coverage in schools but I did my bit for them often enough.
    Jock Ferguson

    1. cleopasbe11 Says:

      apologies for long (seasonal) delay to your interesting post – you DID do you bit. I agree – our Pictish heritage WILL OUT!

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